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Bringing God’s love and hope to the Elderly this Christmas

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

Carolling and visiting patients at a nursing home in 2017

Why be involved this Christmas?

For the sake of the elderly…

Our focus this Christmas is a group which is one of the most affected during this period. For many elderly folks, loneliness is an issue and with the current situation, that feeling may perhaps have escalated, especially for those residing in homes as restrictions set in for visitations. Let us reach out to them this Christmas as we thank God for bringing us through our own “confinement” during the circuit breaker.

Let us spur one another on toward love and good deeds…

As the church goes through the series in Hebrews this year, we have learnt that it is more than just meeting together every Sunday. Our meeting together serves to spur each one towards service to our Lord. Let us take this Christmas to be involved with one another in love and good deeds.

The witness of the church

As one blog writer aptly puts it, the local church serves as a “visible outpost of God’s Kingdom”. As we partake the Lord’s supper as a body of Christ, we remember our Lord to proclaim His work of salvation until He comes again.

How can you be part of this Christmas outreach?

Visit the folks

All you need is a handphone/tablet and you can share a digital Christmas presentation of Christmas to an elderly. Each small team of 2 – 3 people will be led by an experienced member who has done visitations.

Here are some opportunities:

  1. Visit to Home for the Aged Sick on 24 Dec, 3pm, or 25 Dec, 3pm.

  2. Visit homes of Mandarin Service elderly contacts They have attended the Mandarin Service at least once so we would like to visit them to reconnect. This will take place on 20 Dec, 1:30pm.

Record a carol or greeting

  • Record a carol! You can do it solo or sing with a few Gracians together.

  • Record a Christmas greeting of around 5 – 8 seconds.

You can do the above in any of these languages: English, Chinese, Hokkien, or Cantonese. Send your recording to Boon Jin at 9787 3062 or email

Pack gifts

  • Grace church will give each elderly we meet a Christmas pack.

  • Come help put the items together. Details to be announced!


  • Dedicate time to pray for the church for this outreach effort and for the elderly you personally know of.

  • Prayer items will be sent through Prayer Band or you may email to receive prayer items from the team.

  • You can submit prayer items of any elderly to us too! Email

Reach out to someone close to you this Christmas!

  • If you would like to reach out to someone near and dear this Christmas, our church team of EE-trained members are ready to guide you through how you can do so.

  • To contact the EE team, WhatsApp Catherine at 9739 9498.

The final collation of outreach resources, including helpful websites, will be made available in this blog post soon.

If you have any ideas for outreach to the elderly, please share it with us. Contact Boon Jin at 9787 3062 or email


Here are our very own Grace church-made Christmas resources in English, Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese, contributed by both Mandarin and English congregations brothers and sisters-in-Christ!

How you may use it:

  • Share this video link from the church YouTube channel ( to a friend and let them know this is what our church has come up with to celebrate Christmas with them

  • Follow up with a chat to ask if they were cheered

  • Ask them if they can tell what Christmas is all about from the clip

Alternatively, download the clips and show it to friends/ relatives on your mobile!


Click to download the English version.


Click to download the Chinese version


Click to download the Hokkien version


Click to download the Cantonese version

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