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Stanley's Testimony

by Poh Shuoh Jieh, Stanley for his baptism on Easter Sunday

I was born in Penang and came to know Christ through my grandmother, who brought my whole family to church. She first attended church because she was having insomnia. Many years later, she still faithfully attends church every Sunday.

I came to Singapore to study when I was 15 years old and have spent half my life in Singapore. I initially explored a few churches before settling in with New Creation Church (NCC). Even though I learnt a lot about Jesus, about His works and His love for us, I felt that I was not cognizant of the gospel message. The congregation in NCC was big and I did not know many people there and did not fellowship with others. Even though I enjoyed the worship service and the songs of praise, I never felt like a part of the community and more importantly, I was not convinced of my relationship with God and faith. I also started to ask myself what it really means to be a Christian, and if I would be able to share with others about my faith openly and confidently. This was when I found the need to know more about Jesus, and to understand the covenant that we have with God.

By God’s grace and perfect timing, Melinda brought me to Grace church. I started attending the bible class with the young adults regularly. I learnt much more about God, the work of the Holy Spirit, the Old Testament stories, and Jesus’ life and death on the cross for us. In 2020, we were studying the book of Hebrews and learnt about Jesus as the founder of our salvation and the warning against neglecting salvation. I remember widening my eyes in realization that I had never learnt this previously. I came to be aware of 1) the fullness of lacking and how I have fallen short, 2) how much I needed His saving grace and redemption and 3) my obedience and response to His word.

I thank God for His provision and abundance in my life. He has blessed me infinitely. Living in a foreign land away from my family and comfort zones has not been easy, but it was God who has protected me and guided me through this journey. I thank God for calling me to Him, placing me where I am now, and giving me many friends and loved ones so that I can call a foreign place, home. I have also thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the friendship and fellowship in Grace church, especially with the other young adults in bible class. I look forward to learning God’s word and growing in Christ with them and serving in Grace with the talents God has bestowed on me.

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